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Letters of Recommendation

General information

If you need a letter of recommendation for a scholarship, a stay abroad, a research training group, a summer school or anything else, Prof. Schmidt will be glad to help you. However, a letter of recommendation only makes sense, if he can tell something about you. Therefore it is mandatory that you have attended at least one course of Prof. Schmidt and have received a grade. The more Prof. Schmidt knows about you, the more informative and valuable the letter of recommendation will be. A letter in which he merely confirms that you are a nice person is worthless.

Students, who do not study Economics (Volkswirtschaftslehre) as main subject and only have attended Mikroökonomie I tought by Prof. Schmidt, should ask a professor of their main subject to write a letter of recommendation.

Please consider:

If you wish to get a letter of recommendation, please consider the following points:

  1. Prof. Schmidt needs the following documents for the letter of recommendation:
    • A curriculum vitae with photograph.
    • A list of all attended courses tought by him, and all achieved grades.
    • A copy of your graduation diploma, pre-diploma (if applicable) or an official list of credits obtained so far.
    • A letter of motivation (why you want to go abroad/ to receive the scholarship/etc.).
  2. Please attach a cover note which clearly outlines the following information:
    • Your email address and phone number.
    • Until which date the letter of recommendation is needed.
    • In which language (German or English) it should be written.
    • For which institutions the letter of recommendation is needed.
    • If applicable, prepared forms for the letter of recommendation. Please fill in all parts of the forms which you are able to (your name, the program you are applying to, etc.).
    • You will need most of these documents for your application anyway.
  3. Send these documents to Prof. Schmidt by email (if possible as one single PDF-file!)
  4. If necessary, he will invite you to come to his office hour, to get to know you personaly. Please consider in advance if there is something that you would like to tell Prof. Schmidt and that could be relevant for the letter of recommendation. Also think about questions to pose to Prof. Schmidt (e.g. concerning programs/universities you want to apply on). The more focussed your questions are, the more precisely they can be answered.
  5. If you want to send the letter to the concerning institutions yourself, you will receive the letter of recommendation in a closed and sealed envelope. Please note that a letter of recommendation is less valuable if you can read it. This is because the evaluator will then write differently if he or she knows that you will read it, which will also be noticed by the recipient. Therefore it is in your interest not to know the content of your letter of recommendation! Prof. Schmidt trusts you do not open the envelopes in any case and that he can rely on you!
  6. Please abstain from making Prof. Schmidt a gift for writing your letter of recommendation (not even small things). However, it would be nice if you would inform Prof. Schmidt whether your application was successful and what has become of you.

If you consider these points and think about them before your office hour appointment, Prof. Schmidt will gladly write the letter of recommendation and is looking forward to getting to know you better.